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Custom golf course design for new construction .

Golf Course Planning & Design

Providing golf course planning and design services in Florida and other states.

A leader in Florida golf course planning and design services.

At Westscapes Golf Construction, we are one of the leaders in golf construction and design in the State of Florida, as well as many other states. Our family business has deep roots in the golf industry and our team of professionals can assist clients every step of the way in any project. We pride ourselves in professional golf course design services and construction, along with a commitment to superior customer service and satisfaction.

Executing your golf course project starts with a plan and a design.

Here at Westscapes Golf Construction, we specialize in golf course planning, design, and implementation. Any great golf course first starts with a great vision. By working closely with our clients throughout the planning, designing, and construction phases, we are able to bring any design project to fruition and ensure a more enhanced golfing experience for your players. We custom tailor our services to fit your course’s design and development needs.

With 50 years of combined experience in the golf course design industry, we bring a wealth of knowledge and vision to every project we work on.

New golf course design with sand bunkers by Westscapes Golf Construction.

What happens during a golf course design process?

  • Conceptual Plans - This is the initial phase where we help our clients flesh out the details.
  • Master Planning - This is a dynamic, long-term plan we put in place to help provide a layout for development.
  • Design & Layout - At this stage, we work closely with our client to piece together a full, cohesive vision for your golf course.
  • Project Cost Estimates - We break down the costs up-front so there are no surprises. We also provide competitive rates for all our services, including design.
  • Construction & Implementation - We get to work bringing your vision to life. Our team is comprised of highly-trained specialists in golf course renovation and construction.

If you’re ready to enhance your player's experience, give us a call at (727) 430-2298. We provide renovation, remodeling, and design services to the entire State of Florida, as well as other states.

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