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New timber bridge being built by Westscapes Golf Construction

Golf Course Retaining Walls & Timber Bridges

We design and construct retaining walls and timber bridges for golf courses.

Retaining Wall & Timber Bridge Construction

Retaining walls are great additions to a golf course because of their ability to simultaneously increase the visual appeal of your course while reducing the impact of rain-induced erosion. When it comes to timber bridges, these beautiful structures allow you to create paths through terrain that would typically require clearing and leveling of land, all the while providing your players with a scenic route to the next hole!

Benefits of a retaining wall on your golf course.

In addition to providing erosion control, retaining walls can also assist with the redirection of flowing water, maintaining soil stability, and reducing maintenance. Along with their functional value, our retaining walls are aesthetically appealing and add that extra beauty to your course. Our retaining walls can be constructed using a variety of materials such as stone, bricks and rip rap, but the most common is rock with a beautiful wood exterior.

New timber bridge designed and constructed  by Westscapes Golf Construction.

Constructing timber bridges for your golf course.

Timber bridges are made from a variety of different woods (although the most prevalent variety is Southern Pine) and can be permeable and non-permeable. We design and construct unique timber bridges that wind and curve throughout the course and compliment the surrounding landscape. Depending on the terrain, creating a timber bridge can be more cost-effective than a path, especially if traveling through a wooded or swampy area. Our timber bridges aren't restricted to just golf cart traffic. We can also construct bridges that are designed specifically for foot traffic. These are great ways to create a beautiful pathway over a body of water or through nature.

Get in touch with us to learn more about timber bridges.

If you've been considering constructing a new timber bridge or renovating an existing bridge, we're the perfect choice for your course! With our many years of experience, we can not only construct the bridge, but also handle the design and work with you to choose materials that will work the best for your course. Call (727) 430-2298 to speak with an experienced team member today!

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